Wealthy Direct Sales Women - Carol Waugh

Available January 2013
A Must Have If You Are Serious About Your Success 

Carol's and the other dynamic women share stories that will inspire you to stay in the game and WIN BIG!
Each of their lifestyles are unique and incredible.You deserve it.
The Wealthy Direct Sales Women say,
"If they did it, then so can you!

In this book you will learn how to:
  • Overcome rejections
  • Keep going even when your family and friends doesn't support you
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Identify your motivators
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Recognize a key player 
  • Build a successful team 
  • Develop yourself as leader
  • Take your business global
  • Develop a winning strategy and more! 
Who Is Carol Waugh  
Carol Waugh paints the picture of major success in Network Marketing/Direct Sales. Just like the President, Carol works from HOME without near the pressure!
Carol has earned her MBA (Massive Bank Account) using Arbonne as her vehicle to personal success and financial freedom. 
            Carol joined Arbonne 20 plus years ago after 10 years in sales with Xerox. She chose to embrace Arbonne as  an entrepreneurial business builder. Since then, Carol paid off one nice home, then built her “dream home” in a gated, golf community in Brentwood, Tennessee.   
Arbonne, the wellness, nutritional and skin care company,  has recognized Carol at her Global Conferences for various honors such as”
  #1 in Parade of Champions; the President’s Award; #1  Vice President’s Parade of Champions, and #1 in Personal Sponsoring .  
Carol is consistently listed in the top 25 of Arbonne’s Million Dollar Club 
            Carol was selected as the Woman Business Owner of the Year honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners in Nashville in 1997.  
            You will find Carol referenced in various publications sharing her vision of networking your way to success. Carol is an Arbonne pioneer as the 5th National Vice President in the company. She currently has hundreds driving their own white Mercedes Benz. Carol is currently building a NEW Nation of Leaders as she will tell you “she is not done yet.” Carol’s daughter, Leslie Prow, and son, Chris Buchanan are also building their Multi-Million Dollar Baby. 
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